Emotional Rescue

Presented by Richard Chew & Sharon Turton

In this hour-long session, Elixr founder Richard Chew will share some of his adversities and tragedies, and offer suggestions on how to deal with these types of experiences.

Counsellor and therapist Sharon Turton, who has been most helpful to Richard and many others, will explain Journey Therapy. This modality allows you to access the deepest part of yourself – your source, your soul – and enables it to guide you to uncover the root cause of your physical and emotional issues.

The therapy reveals these issues and sets the process to resolving them, so that your body and mind can undergo their own healing.

workshop dates

Thursday, Jul 13

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Don Peers

Are you a student or teacher of yoga looking to increase your knowledge and deepen your journey? Then it’s time you considered joining Don Peers for a weekend immersion and foundation in Yin yoga.

Comprising a series of poses to create health, deeper awareness and an exploration of breath and meditation, the weekend (12–13 August 2017) will incorporate the Chinese approach of the 14 main meridians, organ function, and the traditional Hatha yoga structure of poses (asana).

For students who regularly practise Yin yoga, this course is an excellent step towards enriching their practice.

workshop dates

Saturday, Aug 12 & Sunday, Aug 13

Hardcore Workshop

From Back Pain to Six-Pack Abs

Presented by Richard Chew

Richard Chew has long been a fan of Dr Stuart McGill, Professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada. This May, he will be presenting Dr McGill’s evidence-based work to Elixr members and their guests during a complimentary workshop.

As someone who has suffered from chronic back pain and understands the exercises required to manage a structurally damaged spine, Richard will explain how to apply Dr McGill’s methods to your training to gain a strong core and six pack, and manage or protect your back.

workshop dates

Saturday May 13

Shadow Yoga Course

with Trevor Tangye

Churning of the Shadow Warrior

Join Elixr yoga teacher Trevor Tangye on this 7-week course to learn more about Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam: Churning of the Shadow Warrior.
Following on from the Balakrama Prelude, this form has dynamic turning movements which involve activation and coordination of the whole body.

dates & times

Bondi Junction Club

29 April – 17 June

Restorative Serenade

with Martine and Nadav

Experience 90 minutes of gentle yoga with teacher Martine Allars to release stress and feel more grounded.
Accompanying Martine is singer-songwriter Nadav Kahn, who will help you blissfully immerse yourself into the postures.

dates & times

Bondi Junction Club

Friday 5 May