Stretch Right: a Workshop for non-Yogis

with Don Peers

This 2-hour workshop is designed to teach you safe and effective stretching techniques.

Whether your exercise of choice is Spin, Kick Boxing, Pilates or Weights, building a good stretching program helps prevent muscle strain and ensures you can keep up your healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to stretch those tight hamstring, back muscles, shoulders and more.

Suitable for everyone.

workshop dates

Sat 17 Feb 2018 10:30am - 12:30pm

Sat 17 Feb 2018 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Shadow Yoga Course: Balakrama Sequence

with Trevor Tangye

Shadow Yoga is a specialist approach to Hatha Yoga founded by Shandor Remete. It is based on kneeling, squatting and standing postures that cultivate the inherent energy within the individual which reduce stress, promotes longevity and enlightenment.

Balakrama (Stepping into Strength) is one of the three preludes. Its main purpose is to strengthen the bones. The principle benefit is much more flexible and strong legs which help deepen the breath and get into Asanas without force.

workshop dates

Sat Feb 10 – Mar 24 (7 weeks) 12:00pm -1:15pm

Self Defence Workshop

with Richard Chew

Richard Chew, Martial Artist and Founder of Elixr, will be presenting a self-defence workshop, designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to protect yourself against an attacker.

The workshop will focus on teaching you sensible strategies and techniques that you can apply right away when faced with a conflict situation.

Spaces are limited, so please register to book your spot.

The workshop will run for 1 hour and is free for members and their guests.

workshop dates

Saturday, Dec 9

Gut Health Seminar: Enhance Vitality & Weight Loss

with Nutritionist Mogestri Pather

In this seminar, Elixr Nutritionist, Mogestri Pather, will explain what the microbiome (gut bacteria) is, plus how and why you need to optimise its diversity to achieve targets such as weight loss and overall wellbeing.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Health Science and an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science in Nutrition, Mogestri is an accredited VLA (vitality, longevity and healthy ageing) practitioner with a personal and caring approach. She advises on weight loss, anti-ageing digestive imbalances and immune disorders, gut health and offers anxiety support.

We have limited space available, so register now.

workshop dates

Thursday, Nov 9

Emotional Rescue

Presented by Richard Chew & Sharon Turton

In this hour-long session, Elixr founder Richard Chew will share some of his adversities and tragedies, and offer suggestions on how to deal with these types of experiences.

Counsellor and therapist Sharon Turton, who has been most helpful to Richard and many others, will explain Journey Therapy. This modality allows you to access the deepest part of yourself – your source, your soul – and enables it to guide you to uncover the root cause of your physical and emotional issues.

The therapy reveals these issues and sets the process to resolving them, so that your body and mind can undergo their own healing.

workshop dates

Thursday, Jul 13

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Don Peers

Are you a student or teacher of yoga looking to increase your knowledge and deepen your journey? Then it’s time you considered joining Don Peers for a weekend immersion and foundation in Yin yoga.

Comprising a series of poses to create health, deeper awareness and an exploration of breath and meditation, the weekend (12–13 August 2017) will incorporate the Chinese approach of the 14 main meridians, organ function, and the traditional Hatha yoga structure of poses (asana).

For students who regularly practise Yin yoga, this course is an excellent step towards enriching their practice.

workshop dates

Saturday, Aug 12 & Sunday, Aug 13