Whatever your fitness goals, we have a class to motivate and interest you. Our expert instructors prioritise your safety as they guide you through interactive workouts that are as challenging as they are fun. From Real Fitness Kickboxing and Real Spin to a range of group exercise workouts, you’ll leave our classes feeling energised and alive.

Real Fitness Kickboxing (RFK)


This high-energy workout will engage your body and mind as you learn the fine art and simple science of punching, striking and kicking. An effective fat-burning routine, RFK is suitable for all fitness and skill levels. Our dedicated instructors are experienced at martial arts and all techniques are practised on freestanding kickboxing bags.

real spin


Prepare to be challenged by Real Spin, a high-intensity cardio class where an instructor will take you through a dynamic workout on a stationary bike. With a pumping playlist to keep you going, Real Spin focuses on your cardiovascular system and lower body as you move through a series of hill climbs, sprints and intervals. This fun, low-impact workout is suitable for all fitness levels.

group exercise


Our range of group exercise classes will complement the toning and conditioning achieved through Pilates and yoga, and give you a cardiovascular workout. Classes include Step, a moderate to high intensity aerobic workout. Power, a resistance based class incorporating the use of weights. Lo Move, a low impact aerobic style class. Zumba, a Latin American style dance class. Dance Fusion, a funky style dance class and Aqua, a low impact class ideal for rehabilitation and our more mature members.



Your Program


Starting out on your fitness journey or looking to push yourself further? A session with an Elixr programmer will help you focus your workouts and set fitness goals. Whether you want to strengthen and tone, improve your overall fitness, lose weight or work on your flexibility, we’ll design a program around your needs and get you on track to achieving your goals. What’s more, these programs are available to all Elixr members free of charge every 12 weeks.

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Our Trainers

Marian Frankel


Marian has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and currently teaches Group Exercise classes, Real Spin and Pilates. Vivacious and compassionate, she trains people from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities.

Cassandra Heschl


Cassy is a passionate, energetic and attentive group fitness instructor. She likes to encourage people to work outside their comfort zone in her high intensity spin classes, builds strength and conditioning in her Power classes and will give valid feedback on technique. She has a diverse range of skills in fitness and occasionally teaches RFK.

Denisse Schlapp


Denise's passion for teaching began in Munich in 2000. In 2005, she moved to Australia where she felt a deep calling to study the art of yoga, stretching, martial arts and acrobatics. She later combined these skills to create her own style of remedial and deep tissue massage. Denise loves sharing the joy of discovering true strength in training.

Dennan Chew


Dennan has over 15 years experience in teaching group fitness, boxing and kickboxing classes. He understands the psychology of exercise first hand from his lifelong experience fighting in boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). Dennan’s classes are a great combination of fitness and technique.

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Personal Trainer

Let some of the best trainers in the industry help you achieve your health and fitness goals in personalised one-on-one sessions. With your safety as our top priority, we’ll focus on your specific needs and inspire you to take your training to the next level.

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