• Fitness

    Group Exercise classes are held in the main studio of our clubs with the largest selection of classes held at our Bondi Junction club.

    Group Exercise classes are programmed to complement the toning and conditioning workouts achieved through Pilates and Yoga, and to provide a balance of cardiovascular fitness training.

  • Fitness

    A high intensity class in which an instructor will lead you through a stationary bike workout to dynamic and rhythmical music!

    • No coordination required

    • Fantastic freestyle stationary cycle workout

    • Places demands on the cardiovascular system and lower body

    • Your instructor will provide ever-changing scenery and challenges

  • Fitness

    Our Personal Trainers are different.

    Elixr certified Personal Trainers are unlike all others in the health and fitness industry because of our philosophies on service, care, education and ongoing development.


    Click here to find a Personal Trainer that suits you

  • Fitness

    A gentle workout in the swimming pool, Aqua is a no impact exercise class, ideal for rehabilitation and throughout pregnancy.

  • Fitness

    bodyART is a one of a kind workout incorporating elements of strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and “Zen”.

    It will make you sweat! It will burn calories! It’s like High Intensity Yoga but with a twist.