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Elixr Education works closely with Dr Stuart McGill to sell his world-renowned books and DVDs to help you with your back pain.

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Back Mechanic:
The Step-by-step McGill Method to fix back pain (book only)
$AU55 + postage

Back Mechanic guides you through a self-assessment of your pain triggers, then shows you how to avoid these roadblocks to recovery. This approach guarantees the most personally specific plan for you. Then effective exercises are coached in a step by step progressive guide. Many questions are answered that have eluded answers in the past. Spine expert, Prof. McGill used his 30 years of research findings and clinical investigations to create this evidence-based guide that has helped thousands reclaim their lives.

Back Mechanic Book + Video Modules
$AU85 + postage

This enhanced package provides the physical Back Mechanic book plus the video access code (1 year access to streamed videos) demonstrating the concepts, the assessments, the movements and the exercises contained in Back Mechanic. Some readers of Back Mechanic have asked for videos to bring the book to life. Over 100 minutes are provided to guide you on eliminating the disability of your back pain.

When you receive your Back Mechanic Book in the mail, there will be an instruction sheet and ACCESS CODE inside that you will need for the Back Mechanic Video Series.


*NEW* Gift of Injury: The strength athlete’s guide to recovering from back injury to winning again

$AU65 + postage

In the highly competitive world of strength athletics, a back injury is seen by many as the ultimate career-ender. In truth, it is far from a death sentence when properly handled. Follow the journey of international powerlifting champion Brian Carroll, who can attest to this first hand. This remarkable athlete went from 1100lb squats and 800lb deadlifts to unending pain and disability after a massive spinal compression injury. After a fortuitous meeting with leading back expert Professor Stuart McGill, he reset his training and his life to fight his way back to the top of the winners podium.


Glean expertise from McGill and Carroll, both masters in their field, and learn how to orchestrate your own triumphant comeback.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance
(6th Edition-2017)
$AU65 + postage

Get the latest scientific evidence on back exercise – what helps and what hurts, and why.

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance provides the evidence base to design and prescribe the most appropriate exercise programs for the back, and for any activity/sport. Professor McGill’s unique approach is based upon years of scientific research into back function of injured people through to elite athletes. His expertise is sought by governments, corporations, professional sports teams and athletes worldwide.

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise
$AU79 + postage

This companion DVD illustrates the original techniques documented in Dr. McGill’s textbooks. Using real clinic settings and patients, McGill shows some assessment skills to determine specific intolerances and some therapeutic options for different people/approaches. This is followed with the subtle exercise techniques that enable the painful back to engage in the appropriate corrective exercise and then progress to stabilization/mobilization, and endurance training.

DVD is recorded in world-wide format. Length: 3 disc set Run Time: approximately 2.6 hours


The Ultimate Back (DVD): Enhancing Performance
$AU68 + postage

The objective when designing exercise is to train and achieve optimal performance with minimal risk of injury. Synthesizing McGill’s approaches for injury avoidance with those proven to enhance performance resulted in this rich and idea-inspiring resource. This approach has been used by some top athletes in many sports together with those who are returning from back injury to surpass their previous bests.

All of the video examples are real life, with real athletes. This is raw authentic footage where nothing is staged. This demonstrates how McGill assesses, cues and coaches performance techniques. This is a companion DVD for the “Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance” book and was produced in 2010.

DVD is recorded in world-wide format. Length: 1 disc Run Time: approximately 1.6 hours

Superstiffness for Combative Athletes: Enhance injury resilience and improve performance (DVD): Enhancing Performance
$AU75 + postage

Expert strike force and speed, fast footwork and skilled movement are the features of proficient martial arts. But all of these features require an optimal blend of joint stability and mobility through the articulated body linkage.

Balance, muscle pulsing for speed strength, core fitness for proximal stiffness and impact resilience are more elements that influence competency.

This video describes some of these non-negotiable essential features of the resilient and skilled combat athlete, together with drills and exercises to enhance them.

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