Chew On It: Elixr Has Come Of Age!


Monday Sep 07, 2020
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Elixr has come of age! This September marks our 18th year of service.

When Elixr first opened in Park St in the city, I really had absolutely no idea if my plan for a health club specialising in Pilates and Yoga would work out. We were the first mind body health club and the very first to offer affordable group reformer Pilates classes.

I am most grateful that it worked out and a massive thank you to all of our past and present members and staff who have helped paved the way.

Elixr has become a little community as I have heard from numerous members who are very appreciative of having Elixr in their lives. Many have informed me how it has been a sanctuary to them, and it has helped them through difficult periods and challenges.

While I have been blessed that my serendipitous entry into the fitness world has been most fortunate as I discovered one of my life’s main purposes, the introduction of my children’s mum, many lifelong friends and of course, my wonderful off-springs.

There is a Japanese concept called “Ikigai” which describes the sweet spot of doing what you love, doing what you are good at, earn a living out of it and it serves what the world needs. No doubt I have been blessed.

This crisis we are living through has most likely made many reassess their life’s priorities and made many realise the many things we take for granted.

This is a good time to reassess your priorities for the next period of life and what you would want to do in the future. Now it is a simple matter of planning and then, diligence and discipline are required to execute the plans.

Prior to this crisis, I was in an emotional mess starting with shock loss of my favourite daughter, which is the most difficult experience anyone could have, then my children’s mum, then last year the heartbreaking loss of my big brother who cared for me when I came to Sydney at eleven. The accumulation of losing so many family members tipped me over the edge.

But the shutdown in March spurred me into my fight mode. My spirit lifted to manage through that time. It has also confirmed my desire to ease off my work commitment although I believe I will always be involved in the management and development of Elixr.

Fortunately, my niece Sue-Anne has taken over the helm and is doing a wonderful job managing Elixr. Sue-Anne was instrumental in setting up the online classes during the shutdown and then working with key staff members in setting up the online booking system and timetable of classes.

The present and future of Elixr is in good hands. The fact is, being a family business, many of my family members are involved including my sister Gim, financial controller, my brother-in-law Daniel Berthoud in IT support, Sue-Anne’s brother Daniel Chew in project support, my sons, Dane, massage therapist and Dennan RFK instructor/PT. Among them they have a multitude of qualifications – Chartered Accountant, 2 MBAs and many other degrees. Oh, and me, the university drop out!

Crisis reveals character

I have stated before that I have observed power and money do not corrupt but rather, money, power and adversities revels true character.

People essentially do not change. Money, power and adversities enhance their good or bad qualities. When you first observe the bad characteristics of a person - believe it, as it is only the tip of the iceberg.

You will see the true character of a person during this crisis. It's a good time to assess whose company you wish to keep.

More importantly is to observe your own actions. It is much easier to judge others than your own failings. Change is possible, but it takes discipline and commitment.

I can confirm the changes in me over the past few decades. I have become friendlier, more sociable and gained a sense of humour - divorce helped all that! Also I have become far more patient but sometimes dealing with inconsiderate, selfish or stupid people certainly tests my limits.

Benefits of this Crisis

We tend to take the simple and beautiful moments in life for granted. This crisis has exposed them and has made us far more aware of joys:

Hugging family and friends, eating at a restaurant, coffee at your favourite café, toilet paper, interactions with people, the fun of being part of a crowd, and touching door handles or lift buttons without paranoia.

But there is also a silver lining to this crisis: more time at home with family, less traffic, easier to park, simpler and less hectic lifestyle, greater appreciation of school teachers from discovering home schooling sucks, our first class medical service, cleaner air, less pollution, new cooking skills, clean house, Elixr members cleaning equipment, wonderful TV series, family meals, clean hands and a whole new level of paranoia.

Unfortunately I see more fear in people’s eyes. Living in fear is a poor option but I do understand, particularly in people with underlying health issues, but everyday living is a calculated risk. Like knowing when to cross a street and when not to cross when traffic is heavy and fast.

We are living in a pandemic, but it will pass. Meanwhile, remember to enjoy life and there is much to enjoy - even in this time.

Choose to see the beauty in life and experience the moments of joy and pleasure.


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